3 Ways to Use Candied Fruit

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Candied fruit can liven up your baking, make your drinks come alive, be added to a food tray and they are great to eat on their own. Candied fruit has been around for a number of years but not a lot of people take the time to make it since it can be a delicate and time-consuming job. Fast forward to the present and we are able to purchase candied fruit that has already been made for us. The wonder of technology gives us the opportunity to enjoy this type of fruit without having to spend hours in the kitchen making it.

If you love candied fruit and everything that it has to offer, here are 3 popular ways to use it:

Add Pizzazz to Your Cakes

Have you ever wondered why some cakes just look better than others and are presented so well? A lot of at-home chefs and restaurant chefs use candied fruit as the finishing touch on top of a cake. Candied ginger, lemon and orange peels resting graciously on top of an orange, lemon, vanilla or chocolate cake just make this baked good look so much better. Candied fruit can also be added in individual pieces to the top of cupcakes to make them sparkle.

The next time you make a lemon loaf or a banana loaf, you can also place candied fruit on top of it as an edible, decorative addition. When you want to improve the presentation of any of your baked goods, turn to candied fruit.

Add to Your Drinks

When your guests arrive for dinner during the hot summer months, add a piece of candied fruit to the lip of the glass to make the drink look more appealing. When you’re serving a batch of lemonade out by the pool, a candied fruit can make this tart drink even more enjoyable. This fruit can be added to any drink and if you want to add a little something to your glass of plain water, just drop a piece of this candy right into it!

Candied Fruit on Serving Trays

When you have a tray full of delicious food, use candied fruit as a decorative item on the tray. It will add colour and variety to any type of food tray. When sandwiches are going to be served at a function, place candied fruit around them to add to the overall presentation. You can also let people know that this fruit is edible and once people start tasting it, they’ll certainly be reaching for more.

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