Candied Mint Fragments

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Candied Mint Fragments

Delight your senses while decorating your favourite meals and desserts with candied mint fragments. They are a French delicacy and these delightful mints feature a delicious and  fresh minty taste that is absolutely enjoyable. They can be consumed on their own, used as a garnish or they can be the star of a dessert as a main ingredient. No matter what you use them for, you’ll love our mint fragments that burst to life once they meet the taste buds.

These candied mints are a beautiful vibrant green that taste both sweet and minty. They have been soaked carefully in a sugar syrup and then covered in sugar. They are then air dried to keep their hard texture and offer an amazing crunch to food when it’s needed the most.

Use these candied mints the next time you prepare a mint-flavoured ice cream or add them to your favourite cupcake and cake recipes to add another level of depth to the desserts. Place them in a dish and put them in the middle of the table when company arrives. The mint fragments add an elegant statement to any kitchen or dining room table.

Offer these candied mints as an after dinner breath freshener if you’ve been cooking with garlic. Place them on top of any type of dessert creation you’ve made at Christmas as a bright green garnish. They can also be sprinkled on top of a roast pork or beef after the meat has been cooked.

If you’re currently operating a restaurant or another type of fine dining establishment and want to serve the best to your customers, please contact us through our website at to learn more about our candied mint fragments. For your convenience, they are offered in bulk quantities at wholesale prices and are delivered directly to your door. At Epicureal, we specialize in wholesale gourmet specialty ingredients for chefs and restaurants.

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