Why Carnaroli Rice Should Be Your First Choice for Risotto

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Why Carnaroli Rice Should Be Your First Choice for Risotto

Carnaroli rice originates from the northern provinces of Italy and should be your first choice when it’s time to make delicious risotto. Both Arborio and Carnaroli rice are commonly used for this famed dish since they are high starch rice varieties that easily absorb liquid. Carnaroli in particular can absorb a large amount of liquid without causing the rice to overcook. This results in a creamy texture that is the defining feature of a premium risotto.

Carnaroli is considered to be the king of rice in Italy and can be found in pantries across the nation. If you have yet to perfect your risotto and haven’t tried this type of rice, it’s time to give it a try now. Even if you’re following a recipe that calls for Arborio, try substituting Carnaroli in its place.

Why Carnaroli?

Here are some of the main reasons why this rice should be used in your next risotto versus the Arborio rice that you’re probably already used to:

  • Firmer texture = creamier risotto
  • Starch content is higher
  • Hard to overcook
  • Longer grains that keep their shape
  • More forgiving when mistakes are made

Carnaroli rice is not something that you’ll find easily on the shelves in your local grocery store. Your best bet is to order it online and it is definitely worth the effort to place an order. You’ll notice a remarkable difference in your risotto once you start using this rice.

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