Discover the Sweet, Fruity Taste of Ancho Chili Powder

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Discover the Sweet, Fruity Taste of Ancho Chili Powder

Epicureal Ancho Powder


Ancho offers a milder version of heat than other chilies with a fruity, sweet taste with an earthy undertone. Derived from poblano chilies, they provide the heat you want in a dish without the strong heat that you’d find in regular chili powder. This powder can be used in a number of different Mexican dishes and can also be sprinkled onto popcorn, pizza, vegetables, pasta, baked potatoes and much more.

There are distinct differences that come up when you compare traditional chili powder to ancho powder. Poblano peppers place quite low on the Scoville heat scale at about 1000 – 1,500 SHU. The heat in many chili powders comes from hot peppers or jalapenos, with the mildest jalapeno reading at 2,500 SHU. When it comes to preparing your dishes, this heat factor makes quite a difference.

Substituting regular chili powder for ancho powder in a recipe is never a good idea. It will completely change the flavour of the food as well as influence its heat factor. If you are operating a restaurant or another fine dining establishment, you’ll need to be serving the exact heat that your customers are expecting. Ancho powder delivers a mild to medium heat that is appreciated by many.

Mexican food restaurants should especially take note of the high quality powders we offer for a variety of custom dishes. When it comes to delivering the cultural essence of your food, you’ll want to use only the best ingredients that reflect the tradition of your establishment.

At Epicureal we offer quality gourmet ingredients that you can use to help step up the level of your dishes. Find this dried poblano in the exact quantity you are looking for in bulk amounts, which may include skids, crates or even truckloads.

Browse through our website at or contact Qualifirst, our wholesale distributor, at 1 (800) 206-1177 for more information about wholesale pricing on bulk purchases. You can order gourmet ingredients today and began serving your customers better tasting meals this week.

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