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Bulk vanilla beans, seeds, extracts, powders, and pastes are a necessity for any type of bakery or restaurant environment. Do your sweet treats and savoury dishes a favour and purchase our bulk premium vanilla products to keep the costs down without having to sacrifice quality. Here are just some of the quality vanilla products we have available to order:

2 Count Vanilla Bean Tubes

Enjoy the pure taste of vanilla as it was meant to be – straight from the bean itself. The beans can be extracted easily from the tubes with a paring knife and can be used in a number of dessert recipes ranging from vanilla ice cream to pound cake. They also make a great taste sensation in savoury dishes such as salsas and marinades.

Bourbon Vanilla Bean Powder

When you are preparing a special dish that needs vanilla flavouring but the colour of the cake or frosting must be preserved, reach for this vanilla bean powder. It’s light and fine and is a perfect addition to homemade cakes. To spice up your mornings add some of the powder into your first coffee of the day.

Vanilla Extract 2 Fold

Enjoy the world-class taste of vanilla in this double strength extract that is a favourite amongst professional bakers and chefs. This vanilla really packs a punch and is perfect for fruit smoothies, ice cream and baked goods of all kinds. Once you taste the rich flavour of this amazing extract you may never want to go back to the regular strength extract again.

Vanilla Extract with Seeds

This extract contains crushed seeds that are infused directly into the extract to provide the most flavour possible. Use it in your favourite savoury dishes, your baked goods, add it to coffee or even blend the extract into your fruit smoothies to raise the bar of your favourite recipes.

Vanilla Paste with Seeds

If you don’t have the time to scrape out vanilla beans to get the seeds, then order this vanilla paste. This is an authentic concentrate derived from ground seeds and beans and from pure vanilla extract. Enjoy the same quality you’d expect from vanilla beans in this delicious paste.

As with all types of foods, not all vanilla extract, beans and seeds are equal. It all comes down to the flavour and at Epicureal we take pride in offering only the best-of-the-best vanilla to our restaurant and food establishment clients.

Buy wholesale vanilla in bulk quantities and enjoy the difference that quality really makes. Visit our site for wholesale gourmet specialty ingredients for chefs & restaurants. Or contact our main distributor Qualifirst at 1-800-206-1177 for more information.

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