Use Gourmet Rice to Attract More Customers

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Use Gourmet Rice to Attract More Customers

If you own a restaurant and haven’t yet experimented with gourmet rice you may want to give it a try. A side of gourmet rice can complement a meal perfectly and when incorporated into a main dish can add a brand new flavour sensation. Here are just a few of the many rice options we offer at Epicureal that shouldn’t be missed!

Organic White Jasmine Rice

White Jasmine rice is a fragrant rice with a nutty flavour that boasts a mildly sticky yet tender texture once it has been cooked. It is a gluten-free, wheat free, vegan and organic rice that contains protein and a low calorie count. Use this rice to create casseroles, stir fries, desserts and salads and enjoy the special fragrance it will distribute direct from the cooking pot to the rest of the kitchen.

Risotto Rice

If you’ve been hunting for the perfect rice to add to your next risotto, look no further. This rice has been infused with exotic saffron, and has the starch content necessary to absorb enough liquid to make your risotto perfect. Make your next risotto dish appealing and tasty by using this rice, which is the rice of choice of distinguished chefs across the country. With its subtle saffron taste, this rice can also be used as a substitute for plain white rice in just about any dish.

Extra-Large Fancy Wild Rice

Wild rice, while not really a rice but rather a marsh grass, will bring your next Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas stuffing up to a brand-new level. It’s also perfect for casseroles, soups, salads and pilafs with its nutty and earthy taste.

Jade Pearl Rice

Jade pearl rice can add a variety of colour to any main dish that calls for rice as an ingredient. It has a light green colour and a slight bamboo flavour. Use it for sushi or in any main dish that calls for rice when you want colour enhancement and a different flavour and texture. Your customers will be delighted with the beautiful colour, aroma and flavour that this rice provides.

To see our other gourmet rice options please visit or call our distributor Qualifirst directly at 1 (800) 206-1177. We can ship bulk quantities and offer wholesale pricing on our gourmet rice to our customers.

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