Vanilla in the Kitchen Isn’t Just for Cooking!

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Any chef that is worth his salt always has a bottle of vanilla extract by his side to create amazing dishes and desserts. Vanilla extract also comes in handy in a variety of ways when you keep it in your kitchen. Here are a few uses for vanilla that you may not have heard of before and we know you going to love them!

Keep Your Fridge Fresh

It can be difficult to get rid of unwanted odors in the refrigerator even after a thorough scrubbing. You can remove these lingering bad odors, however, by wiping down the fridge with some vanilla extract. You can then prolong the scent by soaking a cotton ball with the vanilla and then placing it in the fridge.

Bug Repellent

While humans love the beautiful smell of vanilla, many bugs hate it. You can place cotton balls that have been soaked in vanilla in strategic spots around the kitchen and you can also add a mixture of 1 cup of water and 1 tablespoon of vanilla to your skin while cooking to keep blackflies and mosquitoes at bay.

Minor Kitchen Burns

As a chef, you’ve certainly experienced your share of minor burns in the kitchen before. You can reach for your bottle of vanilla extract the next time you accidentally grab onto something hot by accident or feel a grease splatter against your skin. Vanilla extract contains alcohol and as it evaporates it naturally cools down the burn.

Vanilla extract is something that every chef should have stocked in his pantry. If you require large amounts of this extract and are looking for high quality, premium vanilla with wholesale pricing, visit our site at We supply restaurants across North America with vanilla and we look forward to doing business with you as well.

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