Rose Fragments Candied 80g Epicureal

Category: Dry Ingredients

Would you like to up the elegance of your pastries? These Candied Rose Fragments will do it! From rose petal pieces picked at their peak aroma and ripeness, soaked in a sugar syrup, dredged in sugar, air dried and then further encrusted with sugar. They are irregularly hard candy pieces, about the the size of coarse sugar, with a pearled surface, deep rose pink hue, and a delicate rose aroma. Use as a garnish for pastries, folded into ice cream for delicate flavouring and colour, texture and flavour garnish for cakes, cupcakes and cookies.


Sugar, rose flowers, acacia gum, colour: conchineal, flavour.

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  • sku: 150851
  • brand: Epicureal
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