Cryst Rose Berries 90g Epicureal

Category: Dry Ingredients

Create an upscale fruit and cheese plate by adding pieces of Crystallized Rose Berries! These are rose petals picked at their peak of colour and aroma, soaked in a sugar syrup then dredged in sugar, and air dried. The petals are fragmented and then rolled and further candied. The resulting berry is about the size of a small pearl in a vibrant rose colour with an extraordinary rose aroma. Use as a garnish for pastries or crush them with a mortar and pestle and folded into an ice cream base to give added flavour, texture and colour.


Sugar, natural seeds 2%, Acacia Gum, Flavor, Coloring: Cochineal.

Product Info

  • sku: 150866
  • brand: Epicureal
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