Vanilla Paste with Seeds 5oz Epicureal

Category: Liquids & Pastes

You're going to get that super fragrant, sweet, speckled end product with the convenience of a quick scoop of the teaspoon. Our Vanilla Paste with Seeds is a full-bodied vanilla flavour in a rich concentrate made from pure vanilla extract, ground whole vanilla beans, and the beans tiny flavourful seeds. It retains the exotic full flavour of vanilla when cooked or baked and the seeds indicate the use of real vanilla in sweets. Excellent in cakes, puddings, buttercream, ice cream, vinaigrettes, and in candy making.


sucrose, vanilla bean paste (ground vanilla beans, vanilla extractive, xanthan gum), water, gum acacia, xanthan gum

Product Info

  • sku: 183672
  • brand: Epicureal
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