Tri-Colour Pearl Toasted Couscous 225g Epicureal

Category: Dry Ingredients

Eye-catching, nutty and chewy, Toasted Tri-Colour Couscous are small pearls of toasted semolina flour that makes a superb side dish for grilled food when combined with shiitake mushrooms and asparagus! Also known as Israeli couscous, it is cooked like pasta and is served in place of rice or pasta. Toasted Tri-Colour Couscous is delicious with pork or beef stews or with a roasted vegetable pasta sauce. Delicious in soups and pairs exceptionally well with your favourite sauces.


wheat flour, spinach powder, tomato powder. ALLERGENS: Contains gluten.

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  • sku: 204261
  • brand: Epicureal
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